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At EXDEL, we recognize the importance of training both in the commercial and government sectors. We understand that training is the foundation of every organization and is an ongoing process.

EXDEL also understands that cost is very important to our customers whether a corporation or government organization. Customers must be able to afford quality and professional training without going over budget.

Here at EXDEL, we provide Quality, On-Time and Professional Training at competitive rates. Our personnel are Experienced, Responsible and Professional former Special Operations Soldiers, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian instructors who are proficient in course development and delivery.

We work with our customers to develop a training plan that fits the requirement. Our instructors continually assess their students and provide the support in a training environment which offers every student the maximum opportunity to be successful and complete training.

EXDEL is prepared to offer Basic-Intermediate-Advanced training in the following areas: (This list not all inclusive)


Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence Operations (COIN)

Military Operations

Law Enforcement Operations


Program and Project Management


Personal Protective Measures


Drug Awareness

Situational Awareness

Workforce Development

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